Tax Collector & Treasurer

The Tax Collector & Treasurer is appointed by the Select Board and works at its direction.  It is the Tax Collector & Treasurer’s job to protect the public interest through the proper custody and accounting of public funds and to assist the Select Board in achieving the Town’s goals and objectives through sound financial management.  This is accomplished by managing finances and records in accordance with State law and commonly accepted accounting practices. 


The Tax Collector & Treasurer is responsible for the following:

  • Collecting real estate and personal property taxes
  • Handling and overseeing the day-to-day receipt and recording of funds
  • Issuing real estate tax bills and notifying property owners of past due taxes
  • Sending out 30-day lien notices, recording tax lien certificates at the Registry of Deeds, sending out automatic foreclosure notices
  • Preparing financial reports for committees, taxpayers and other municipal officials
  • Preparing weekly warrants for the Select Board to pay the Town’s bills
  • Monitoring spending
  • Preparing payroll and payroll tax reporting
  • Meeting with external auditors
  • Preparing budget/warrant articles for the Annual Town Meeting

Paying Your Real Estate Taxes on Westport Island

Property is assessed each year to the owner of record as of April 1.  Property tax bills are mailed to owners in August.  Property taxes are due 30 days after they are mailed out.  We only accept cash or checks.  If you are sending your tax payment by mail, the postmarked date constitutes date of payment.

The Town of Westport Island has a policy pursuant to 36 M.R.S.A. §906 of applying all tax payments to the oldest outstanding tax obligation. If you are uncertain about the oldest outstanding tax obligation, contact the tax collector.  If you have a specific request for applying your payment, please use the following format:

I instruct the Tax Collector, or the Deputy, to apply this payment to my current taxes. I do not wish for this payment to be applied to any prior property tax liens that I presently have with regard to this property.

Property Address: ________________________________________

Signature of Property Owner: _______________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

Property Tax Exemptions

Property Tax Applications, Forms and Publications


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2022-2023 Proposed Appropriations Budget