Select Board


Westport Island operates as a Town Meeting form of government. The Select Board are the executive arm performing all administrative and executive government functions.  The Board, also the Board of Assessors and Overseers of the Poor, is composed of three elected members who serve for staggered terms of three-years.  Town elections are in June of each year. 

The Select Board meet in the Town Office every Monday evening at 7 p.m., except during the summer months (July and August) when they meet every other Monday.  Residents are always welcome.

What the Select Board Does

  • Recommend a budget for approval by residents at the annual Town Meeting;
  • Carry out the decisions made at the Town Meeting;
  • Make administrative and policy decisions in the best interest of the Town;
  • Oversee the annual budget and Town Office operations;
  • Perform duties specified in State law, such as when they sit as the Board of Assessors or Overseers of the Poor;
  • Appoint members of Town boards and committees;
  • Represent the Town in various regional and State issues; and
  • Respond to citizen inquiries and complaints.

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