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  • George D. Richardson, Jr., Chairman882-6270
  • Jeffery H. Tarbox882-6411
  • Ross A. Norton882-6242

Tax Collector, Treasurer & Administrative Assistant

  • Martha Hayward882-8477 ext. 1

Municipal Agent & Excise Tax Collector

  • Dedee Greenleaf-Hodgdon882-8477 ext. 2

Town Clerk & Registrar of Voters

  • Julie Casson882-8477 ext. 3

Road Commissioner

  • Garry Cromwell882-9889

Animal Control Officer

  • Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Animal Control882-7332

Constable/Animal Resource Officer

  • Amos (Bud) Greenleaf882-7139

Health Officer

  • Tamara Tyler329-9840

General Assistance Administrator

  • George D. Richardson, Jr.882-8477 ext. 4

E-911 Coordinator

  • Richard Gray882-8477

Code Enforcement Officer

  • Gary Richardson882-6537

Plumbing Inspector

  • Gerald A. Bodmer882-9244

Emergency Management & Civil Defense

  • Roger Higgins882-6084
  • Gaye Wagner, Deputy380-4476

Westport Volunteer Fire Department

  • Stacey Hutchison, Chief882-4168
  • Jason Abbott, Deputy Chief522-2095

Harbor Master and Port Warden

  • Ted Christie882-9005

Tree Warden

  • Kyle DePietro522-0840