Municipal Agent & Excise Tax Collector

The Municipal Agent & Excise Tax Collector  is appointed by the Select Board and works at the direction of the State of Maine and the Select Board.  The Agent is responsible for the registration of motorized vehicles, including trailers, boats, ATV’s, motorcycles, automobiles and trucks, as well as non-motorized trailers under the direction of the State of Maine. The Municipal Agent is also a Deputy Town Clerk.


Per Maine State Law, the Municipal Agent/Excise Tax Collector is responsible for the following:

RSU #12 Liaison

On Westport Island, the Municipal Agent also serves as a liaison to our school advisory unit, RSU #12, and acts as the Town Agent for Parental Residency Affidavits for School Tuition Reimbursement authorizing tuition reimbursement from the Town to the school district