Health Officer


The Local Health Officer (LHO) is mandated by State law (Title 22 MRSA 451) to provide a conduit from the local community to the Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC).  The Selectmen appoint the Health Officer for a 3-year term to:

“monitor and respond to immediate needs and trends in health risks to individuals or the community.”

What the Health Officer Does

  • Offers health information and resources to the community
  • Offers mediation and problem-solving in the resolution of public-health related complaints
  • Investigates and enforces public-health complaints
  • Reports to and informs the Select Board on the community’s public health issues, and
  • Works closely with the DHHS Public Health District Liaisons


Lyme and Other Tickborne Diseases

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention