Harbor Master


The Select Board are mandated by state law to appoint a Harbor Master (Title 38, MRSA §1)  who is responsible for the enforcement of Westport Island’s Waterways and Harbors Ordinance. 

The Waterways and Harbors Ordinance provides for:

.... the just and orderly operation of marine activities on Westport Island waterways. It is intended to promote public safety, enjoyment, convenience on the waterways, and to provide for effective use and control of mooring areas and public facilities appurtenant thereto.

What the Harbor Master Does

  • Enforces the local harbor ordinance;
  • Administers the Town’s mooring program;
  • Administers, implements and enforces the provisions the Wright Landing Ordinance, which governs use of the Town’s public landing, aka the Ferry Landing;
  • Approves the posting of advertisements or notices at the public landing;
  • Approves extensions of the 20-minute time limitation to launch or retrieve boats at the public boat launch if required for reasons of safety or hardship; and
  • Advises the Select Board on issues related to the Island’s waterways and mooring program and use of the Wright Landing as a boat launching facility.

Mooring Permit Application

See Westport Island’s Coastal Waters Ordinances for more information on mooring requirements and fees.

Mooring Permit Application