E-911 Addressing Officer


The Town of Westport island adopted the State of Maine E-911 addressing standards as a part of its municipal ordinances in 1995.  In order to dispatch to 911 calls accurately and provide emergency services as fast as possible; we are required to maintain accurate road and addressing information.  Police, fire, emergency medical personnel and mercantile delivery services, as well as the U. S. Postal Service, depend on accurate addressing information. This is the job of the E-911 Addressing Officer.

When a new residence/business is being constructed, a house number will be assigned by the Addressing Officer, in conjunction with the State of Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau/Maine Enhanced 911 Addressing Service.

What the 911 Officer Does

  • Assigns addresses and provides new addresses to town residents
  • Approves and provides correct road name and number range information
  • Provides updates on changes to address ranges
  • Verifies and/or corrects addresses with the local phone company or with the Emergency Services Communications Bureau (ESCB)
  • Resolves discrepancies that arise with any addressing information in the Enhanced 9-1-1 databases
  • Acts as a local guide for collection of new or missing road data
  • Answers citizens’ questions about addressing; and
  • Updates the community’s address database as needed


For questions about addressing or to request a road name, please contact the Town Office for more information.

E-911 Model Addressing Ordinance