Road Committee


The current Road Committee has been operating since 2012:

  • to improve the transparency of annual “Highways, Bridges and Snow Removal” funding, and
  • to begin the process of long-range planning for the roads. 

The Road Committee’s goal is to create a comprehensive 10-year plan for maintenance, paving, and snowplowing of Town-owned roadways.  In 2014, Road Committee members measured all paved sections of Town roads with the assistance of a paving engineer from Harry Crooker Construction.  The road measurements provided initial data for a roads database.  The measurements are part of the data to be fed into a computer to help calculate approximate costs of paving and maintenance.  Initial research has been done, but more remains to be done.

Recently, the Committee has focused its efforts on supporting the construction of a sand and salt shed so the town can make more economical bulk purchases of sand and salt, store it in compliance with state law, and have sand and salt available on island for the convenience of snow removal contractors both today and in the future should the time come that we no longer have an on-island contractor.

In the more recent past, a Road Committee was operational in 2008 when it endorsed the construction of a sand and salt shed on the island; and in 1989 when a road survey was last done for long-term planning.

Informational Resources

Westport Island Road Survey 1989


Name Position Term Expires Phone
James Cromwell Chair 2024 (207) 350-9562
Andrew Bradford Member 2024  
Brent Rainey Member 2024  
E. Davies Allan Member 2024  
Kinne Stires Member 2024  
Mike Hughes Member 2024  
Vacant Member 2024