Planning Board

Mission Statement

The Planning Board oversees the implementation of “Land Use” as governed by the Town’s ordinances.  The Board reviews, revises or initiates land use ordinances which provide rules and guidelines for the permitted development of commercial and residential property.

In the process of reviewing issues before them, the Planning Board:

  • examines the relevant ordinances
  • holds Public Hearings for citizen input, and
  • determines a course of action

The Planning Board reviews and approves subdivisions; commercial entities; non- conforming uses, structures and lots; driveways; parking areas; and piers, ramps and floats. The Planning Board updates or writes new ordinances as needed to accommodate changes in the law. Ordinances changes are included in the Annual Town Meeting Warrant for approval by town residents.

When the Planning Board Becomes Involved

When a property owner wishes to develop land, the property owner completes an application for review by the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO).  If the application is compliant with town ordinances, the CEO approves the application and a permit is granted.  If the application needs further review, it is referred to the Planning Board for more substantive review.

What the Planning Board Does

When the Planning Board reviews a project, a noticed public hearing is held and the applicant or the applicant’s agent present project details. The merits are discussed within the guidelines of applicable ordinances and current law.  The application is approved, approved with conditions, or denied by the Board. If approved or approved with conditions, the Board completes “Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law”. All materials and the written decision (approved or approved with conditions) are forwarded to the CEO, who issues the permit and monitors implementation of the project.  If denied, the applicant may apply to the Board of Appeals for an Appellate Hearing for approval.

The Planning Board Meetings

The Planning Board meets at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the Town Office.  The meeting may be canceled if there are no issues on the agenda or for inclement weather. The Planning Board has five members and two alternates.

Next meeting: 2/15/23, 7:00 PM, at the Town Office, 6 Fowles Point Rd.

The monthy minutes provide an outline of the work before us this past year:

December 2019 Minutes

October 2019 Minutes

September 2019 Minutes

July 2019 Minutes

June 2019 Minutes

May 2019 Minutes

April 2019 Minutes

March 2019 Minutes

February 2019 Minutes

January 2019 Minutes

Comprehensive Plan

2019 Comprehensive Plan


Name Position Term Expires
Vacant Member 2024  
Archie Bonyun Secretary 2025  
Joanna Jacobs Member 2024  
John Henderson Member 2026  
Demi Rosado-Martinez Member 2025  
Mary Ellen Barnes First Alternate 2024  
Vacant Second Alternate 2024