The Wright Landing (aka Ferry Landing) Committee


In 2004, town residents approved the purchase of the Wright property, which included a house on the site, for a municipal boat landing.  The property is also called the Ferry Landing because of its historical significance.  For about 100 years, it was where the ferry transported islanders and visitors to and from the mainland until a causeway was built at the north end of the island in 1950.  When the Wright property was purchased by the town in 2004, the goal was to provide public recreational access to the water as well as public commercial access for fishermen and diggers.

The Wright Landing Committee was formed to provide for the care and supervision of the Wright Landing and Municipal Boat Launch, its grounds and associated structures.  Westport has benefited from these committed volunteers who have transformed this property into a community landmark.

What we do

  • Ensure that the Wright house and associated non-public structures on the property (deck, steps, walks, driveway, fence, sheds, and outbuildings, etc.) are maintained in good condition, including performing or supervising general maintenance tasks such as staining and painting, as well as any minor repairs.  Necessary contracted services are approved by the Select Board.
  • Act as caretakers for the house and associated non-public structures, including keeping shrubs pruned and cleared around structures so that air can circulate, removing non-residential rubbish, removing snow from the roof and deck after a heavy snowfall, ensuring that egress areas are not blocked from the outside.
  • Act as caretakers for and ensure proper maintenance of the privy, boat launch, jetty and other public structures (walks, picnic tables, benches, signs and floats).
  • Oversee the seasonal installation and removal of the ramp and floats.
  • Report to and make recommendations to the Select Board on improvements, repairs and concerns.

The Committee also has responsibility for a beautification plan approved by the Committee and the Select Board.  The implementation of the landscaping beautification plan has been assumed by the Horticulture Committee chaired by Donna Curry.  Many hands make the work of implementing and maintaining the plan a joy.  Donna can be contacted at (207) 350-3355 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Contacting us

Those interested in learning more about the Committee or joining a work session should contact Committee Chair Richard DeVries (information below) or contact the Select Board at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Name Position Phone
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Chair   (207) 882-5464
Alton Andrews Member    
Bailey Bartlett Member    
Craig Hudson Member    
Janet Hudson Member    
Jeff Wheeler Member    
John Henry Geschwindner Member    
Kenneth Parsons Member    
Richard Coventry Member    
Robert Morris Member