Conservation Commission


The Westport Island Conservation Commission is an official agency of the Town that actively promotes environmental awareness and stewardship at the local and regional level.  Its goals include developing and supporting programs to protect and preserve the natural resources and coastal waters of Westport Island for the use and enjoyment of residents and their families.  In carrying out these programs, the Commission works with local officials, the planning board, citizens, private organizations and regional, state and federal agencies as appropriate.

<p>Click on "Westport Island Stewardship Guide" below to view the guide.</p>

Click on "Westport Island Stewardship Guide" below to view the guide.


  • Prepare and periodically update conservation and outdoor recreation plans and coordinate those with community master plans or plans of the planning board or other agencies;
  • Prepare plans for the use of properties under Commission control and develop, maintain and manage those properties for the use and enjoyment of the public;
  • Monitor development on the Island as it may impact our groundwater and surface water hydrology and our terrestrial and aquatic environment;
  • Pursue acquisition of specific properties for conservation or recreation purposes;
  • Seek outside funding for conservation projects through grant applications or other means;
  • Conduct public information and education programs, publish newsletters, brochures or other materials to further the purposes of the Commission, and collaborate with other groups (e.g., schools, news media, land trusts, other towns) on such programs;
  • Gather information and data on the quality of the Island’s air, water and terrestrial environment, and coordinate activities with other agencies and concerned groups;
  • Support local ordinances or state legislation that would benefit the environment;
  • Become knowledgeable about climate change, its causes and its likely impact to local residents and businesses; learn what we can do at the local level to adapt;
  • Organize Island clean-up efforts; 
  • Provide opportunities for interested residents to contribute toward improving the Island’s environmental quality;
  • Address municipal, homeowner, and regional energy issues as these may affect the environment and conservation.  Provide leadership to local energy conservation, and coordinate with local, regional and state organizations.


Groundwater Study:

The Westport Island Conservation Commission has been awarded a state grant to complete a groundwater study of the island. Here is an update on the overall progress of the study. 

Stewardship Guide:

In 2016, the Conservation Commission, in partnership with the neighboring towns of Arrowsic, Georgetown, and Phippsburg, put together a Stewardship Guide to help Westport Island residents care for our land and water.

Westport Island Stewardship Guide

Helpful Tips:

Browntail Moths can defoliate trees and cause uncomfortable rashes - Learn about them and what you can do to protect yourself and your property:

Resources  for Pruning and Pesticide Application Help:



If you are interested in promoting environmental awareness and stewardship, consider joining us to help protect and preserve our unique environment here on Westport Island.  Please contact Dick Tucker by phone at 882-7965 or via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you’d like to learn more.


Name Position Term Expires Phone
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Chair 2025 (207) 882-7965
Donna Curry Secretary 2026  
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Treasurer 2024 (207) 882-8143
Ann Springhorn Member 2024  
Kyle DePietro Associate Member 2025  
April Thibodeau Associate Member 2025  
Janet Thompson Associate Member 2024  
Thomas Porter Associate Member 2026