Emergency Management Assistance (EMA) Director


The Town EMA Director is the municipal face of Maine Emergency Management’s mandate:

...to lessen the effects of disaster on the lives and property of the people of the State through leadership, coordination and support in the four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. (Title 37-B MRSA §701)

The State oversees a network of County Emergency Management agencies that coordinate and support their local municipalities in planning, training, responding to and recovering from hazardous materials spills, hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms, forest fires, floods, tornadoes or other types of disaster events or critical incidents.

The EMA Director is also responsible for helping to mitigate – or moderate – the impact of future disastrous events on the Town; so that if possible, improvements can be made to eliminate or minimize risk of damage in future events.

What the EMA Director Does

  • Acts as the liaison between the town and Lincoln County Emergency Management;
  • Attends bi-monthly meetings of Lincoln County EMA Directors;
  • Provides input on Westport Island’s needs and resources for development of the Lincoln County Emergency Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation Plans;
  • Helps coordinate local response and recovery when more than one department is responding to a community emergency;
  • Coordinates with the Road Commissioner and the Fire Department to assess and document loss from each emergency event – this includes damage to utilities, roads and town infrastructure;
  • Participates in mock disaster drills; and
  • Completes federally mandated training requirements to ensure the Town is eligible for federal disaster recovery grant funds.

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