Text Box: The Town of Westport Island has invested in offering residents, taxpayers and businesses the latest in Geographic Information System (GIS) digital data for search of the town’s tax maps, property tax assessment data and natural and local resources within our community.  All of these data elements are incorporated into a searchable XMap data base.  Enjoy exploring Westport Island!
Hint: If you have upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, and have trouble with “Get Info” interactive features, go to “Tools” and click on “Compatibility View”.  This should allow the interactive features to be functional.

Pan Map Button: When you open the map, it will be automatically set in “Pan Map” mode (see button on the right of the screen).  In this mode you can use the pan buttons in the upper left and the zoon scale to navigate the map.  Here’s an easier way to navigate; you can also simply click your curser on the part of the map you are interested in (to center it on the screen), then click and drag your cursor over the area of interest, creating a box, and the image will zoom to area outlined in the box. Notice that as you zoom down more details will emerge.  Zoom level 14 triggers many added elements to see.
Get Info Button: Once you are in the area of the map you are interested in, you can toggle to the “Get Info” button, next to the Pan Map button. When you make the layer you are interested in the “Active Layer”, you will get data on the location you select by clicking on the feature of interest (e.g. a specific lot, cemetery site, trail, or contour line ). 
Select Active Layer:  Just above the Pan Map button, there is a pull down menu called “Select Active Layer”. These are layers that may contain information you are interested in.  When you start, the “Tax Maps” layer is automatically the active layer. Click on any parcel on the tax map layer, and see the assessment data from the Commitment Book display to the left of the highlighted lot. If you make the “Cemeteries” the active layer, you can click on any cemetery icon to see it’s name and location.  You can also see all the headstone inscriptions by clicking the link in the information box on the left of the screen. Similarly, when on “Preserve Trails” you can click on a trail at Bonyun Preserve or Clough Point to see the length and location of the trail.  If you are in the “contours” layer, you can click on contour lines to see the height above sea level of that line.
Layers:  The “Layers” tab (see tabs at the bottom of the screen) allows you to select the layers you wish to see on your image.  Many are already pre-selected for you (see check marks).  You can add more to your view by checking the desired box.  At the bottom of the list, you can select “Westport Images” to see detailed aerial photographs of your areas of interest.  Zoom in to see the details available. (Photos taken in 2004) . Other “Layers” are available for view showing natural resources such as high and medium priority wetlands, other wetland habitats, aquifer protection areas (from Stratex Report), shoreland zone setbacks, topography data, and other important resources.  Other local resources available for view include cemeteries, mooring locations*, and other items of general interest.  Just click on the layers you wish to see and explore!    (*Note:  this and other layers will be added in the future)
Find:  If you wish to get information quickly and easily, try the “Find” tab next to the “Layers” tab.  You can search by map and lot number, by deed owner’s last name, by assessed value range or by acreage of undeveloped lots.  You can also search by exemptions such as tree growth, open space, homestead, veterans, houses of worship, town owned properties, etc.  If more than one parcel is found, they well be listed for you (more that one page of data may be included).  You can click on any one of listed parcels to get more detailed information.  The image will be zoomed to the selected parcel and highlighted. Tax commitment data will be shown on the left and on the bottom of the screen. Hint: When searching by Map and Lot, if you want “Map X and Lot Y”, just type “X-Y“ in the search box. If searching  by last name, remember that names are case sensitive. Capitalize the first letter.
Print & e-mail: You can print any of the data on your screen in various formats by clicking on the “Print” tab.  You can also e-mail an image and corresponding data using the “e-mail” tab.


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