NOVEMBER 2, 2005




Board members present: George D. Richardson, Jr., Reginald J. Lee and John B. Swanton


Citizens present: David Bertran, Bill Cooney, Patty Mendes, Bob Mooney, Ruth Nelson, David Niederstadt, and Rusty Robertson.


Guest present:  Charlotte Boynton of Wiscasset Newspaper


Meeting Commenced:


1.        George called the meeting to order at 7:14 p.m.   


Business Conducted:


2.    Reviewed Board of Selectmen meeting minutes of October 26, 2005.  Reggie motioned to accept; Jack, 2nd; vote: 2-0-1.  (George was not present at the October 26th meeting.)


3.   Reviewed Warrant No. 18-A, Assessor's Return, dated October 31, 2005, for $151,140.56.  The Return was signed November 2, 2005, and Reggie motioned to accept the warrant; Jack, 2nd, vote: 3-0. 


4.       Reviewed Warrant No. 18 dated November 2, 2005 for $2,153.52.  George motioned to accept;  Jack, 2nd; vote 3-0.


5.   Bill Cooney reported that he had purchased shelves for the Town Hall.


6.       David Bertran:

i.            A.  Shellfish Committee

1.       Attempting to open more flats.

2.       Within 60 days, Amy Fitzgerald of DMR will determine if and when more flats can be opened.

3.       Water sampling is ongoing.

B.     D.O.T. - Stated that he would like to volunteer to represent Westport Island regarding the  Wiscasset by-pass.





7.       The Board of Selectmen presented ex-Fire Chief Rusty Robertson with a plaque as an expression of appreciation for his years of service on the Westport Island Volunteer Fire Department.


8.       Bob Mooney:

A.     Reviewed E-911 policy.

B.     Updated Board of Selectmen on the plan to run a feed line from the firehouse generator to the town office.

1.       Bob is currently getting estimates for feed lines and wiring.


9.       David Niederstadt stated his case regarding water run-off from Lord Road across Ratcliffe Road and onto his property.  He also stated:  "I would like to have it on record that George Richardson, Jr. rescind himself from voting on my affairs or coming to my house".


10.   Jack motioned to have George represent the Westport Island Board of Selectmen on the Point East Community Advisory Panel.  Reggie seconded the motion; vote: 3-0.


11.   Reviewed the Wright property grant contract i.e.: LMF Fund Project Agreement and correspondence from Jon and Marianne Williams to Reggie.  Reggie motioned that this matter be tabled until sufficient research is conducted.  George seconded the motion; vote: 3-0.


 Meeting Adjourned:


12. Reggie moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:58 p.m.; Jack, 2nd; vote: 3-0.  The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Westport Island Board of Selectmen




George D. Richardson, Jr.




Reginald J. Lee





John B. Swanton