JUNE 7, 2006




Board members present: George D. Richardson Jr., Reggie Lee and Jack Swanton


Citizens present: E. Davies Allan, Brenda Bonyun, Ann Cavanaugh (Health Officer), Michelle Chartier, Nancy Cromwell, Doreen Dennis, Curt Downer, Dennis Dunbar, Ron & Debra Harrison,Park Pino, Chuck Richardson, Dianne Roberts and Nancy Shaul


Guests present: Amanda Pray and Laura White, P.O.D. students, and

††††††††††† ††††††††††††††Charlotte Boynton of Wiscasset Newspaper

Meeting Commenced:


1.       The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.All selectmen were present.


Business Conducted:


2.       Five bids were opened for sand/salt shed area tree stump removal and disposal:

A.Chesterfield Associates††††††††††††††††††††††††† $††††† 0.00 - No Charge

B. G & D Cromwell†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $†† 900.00

C.†† Harrison, General Contractors††††††††††††††† $3,000.00

D.Pagurko Builders, Inc††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $1,700.00 plus $1,000.00

E.†† Guy F. Peaslee Construction††††††††††††††††† $2,000.00


George motioned to accept the bid of Chesterfield Associates; Reggie, 2nd; vote: 3-0.

3.       George motioned to accept the minutes of May 17, 2006 selectmenís meeting; Jack, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


4.       Warrant No. 48 for $30,141.76 was presented.George moved to approve; Reggie, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


5.       Health Officer Ann Cavanaugh presented a letter from Paul Nergaard asking that 2 homes on Westport be inspected and condemned if need be.She also gave us a copy of her letter in reply saying her inspection revealed no public danger.George moved to sign a letter denying Paulís request; Reggie, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


6.       Curt Downer read a letter from the WICIC disassociating themselves from the letter referenced in Item 5 above.


7.       Jack moved to rescind the townís anonymous complaint policy; Reggie, 2nd; vote: 3-0.



8.       Dennis Dunbar, of the Westport Conservation Commission and the LKRLT, reported on the activities being planned for the official opening of the Bonyun Preserve on June 17th.


9.       A letter was reviewed from Eugene Huskins, Certified Assessor, answering Marianne Williamsí question about George Richardsonís property valuation change.


10.   George moved to send Paul Nergaard the legal opinion the town obtained on the Clough Point property ion 1987.Reggie seconded the motion; vote: 3-0.


11.   A letter was read from Road Commissioner Garry Cromwell with a suggestion to spend $10,4735.00 to install guardrails at 2 locations along Long Cove on the East Shore Road.Action was tabled until other bids can be obtained.


12.   George read a letter from the Lincoln County Commissioners with their decision to uphold the Westport Island Board of Assessors assessment of the Anderson property.


13.   Requests for bids for the design of the sand/salt shed were signed by the selectmen.


14.   George moved to appoint Ruth Nelson as Deputy Town Clerk from May 31, 2006 to June 25, 2006.Reggie seconded the motion; vote: 3-0.The appointment was signed.


15.   Minutes of the public hearing held May 17, 2006 at Map 6, Lots 27.1 and 27.2 were approved and signed by George and Reggie.They also signed the pier license.


16.   A written request from Municipal Agent Dedee Hodgdon asked if an ATM machine could be installed in the town office.The costs will be researched.


17.   Our research has shone that the going rate for sanding and sealing a wood floor such as the one in our Town Hall is $1.75 to $2.50 per square foot.Therefore the $2.05 per square foot bid by Daveís Floor Finishing of Bath is reasonable. George said he would notify Bill Cooney, Chairman of the Town Hall Committee.


18.   Reggie asked to change our e-mail account so all e-mail gets received.Jack agreed to set this up, perhaps using the existing Adelphia account.


Meeting Adjourned:


19.George moved to adjourn at 9:02 pm; Reggie, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


Westport Island Board of Selectmen



George D. Richardson, Jr.††††††††††††††††††††† ††††


Reginald J. Lee




John B. Swanton