MAY 10, 2006




Board members present: George D. Richardson Jr., Reggie Lee and Jack Swanton


Citizens present:  Brenda Bonyun, Bill Cooney, Ben Crehore and Marianne Williams


Guest present: Charlotte Boynton of Wiscasset Newspaper


Meeting Commenced:


1.       George called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  A quorum was present.


Business Conducted:


2.       Warrant No. 45, dated May 1, 2006, for $17,687.74 was reviewed.  George moved to accept; Reggie, 2nd; vote: unanimous.


3.       The minutes of the May 3, 2006 licensing hearing were moved as presented by George.  Jack seconded the motion.  Vote: unanimous.


4.       The minutes of the May 3, 2006 meeting of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers were motioned to accept by George.  Reggie seconded the motion.  Vote: unanimous.


5.       The appointment of Jack Swanton to the LCTV Board was tabled since he is still serving as Wiscasset’s representative until the bylaws are amended.


6.       Bill Cooney reported that Dave’s Floor Service of Bath bid $2,312.40 to sand and seal the town hall floor.  The selectmen suggested he ask Eben Greenleaf and Gary Richardson what they thought the work should cost and/or if a less expensive option was available.  Bill agreed to contact them.


7.       Ben Crehore mentioned that he had 60 years of “American Rifleman” looking for a good home.


8.       Marianne Williams suggested that the WVFD be featured on the upcoming town report.  The selectmen agreed it was a good idea.

9.       Jack related the information from Ellerby Cole of MMA, regarding a proposed anonymous complaint policy.  It was decided to send MMA our current policy for their review and comment.  Any action will wait until next week.


10.   George read a letter from CED regarding 15 very low-income homes in Lincoln County that will be eligible for $2,000.00 grants for home repairs.


11.   The bids for salt for the 2006/2007 season from the Lincoln County Commissioners office were reviewed.  The prices will be the same as last year.


12.   The application for renewal for insurance for town property to MMA Property and Casualty Pool was reviewed.


Meeting Adjourned:


13.  George moved to adjourn at 8:17 pm; Reggie, 2nd; vote: unanimous.


Westport Island Board of Selectmen




George D. Richardson, Jr.                          




Reginald J. Lee




John B. Swanton