Present:George, Jack, Reggie, Ruth Nelson, Gary Richardson


Meeting called to order @ 7:15pm


1.                  Reviewed Warrant #30 1/25/06--$14,504.23.George motioned to accept.Jack 2nd.Vote 3-0


2.                  Reviewed BOS Meeting minutes on site @ Harrison Contractors 1/13/06-7:00 am meeting regarding sand/salt inventory.Reggie motioned to accept.George 2nd.Vote 3-0.


3.                  Reviewed BOS Meeting minutes of 1/18/06.Reggie motioned to accept.George 2nd.Vote 3-0.


4.                  Gary Richardson


A.     Susan Wahlstrom Map 7 Lot 44ómodified building permit application.

Shed previously out of compliance has been moved and is now in compliance.


A consent agreement will be drafted between the BOS and Susan Wahlstrom.


B.     Potential violation of Ted Christie Map 3 Mot 17.12.

George motioned to table for further review.Jack 2nd. Vote 3-0.


5.                  Reviewed email from Chuck Richardson regarding plowing of town roads

during mid January and 1/23/06 snow storms.


George abstained from discussion.Reggie motioned to establish a snow removal complaint file and to forward all complaints to Ron Harrison requesting a response within 7 days of receipt.Jack 2nd.Vote 3-0.





6.                  Reviewed tax abatement request from Dorothy Malone Map 7 Lot 4 regarding

personal property tax on pier and ramp 2005.


1.      Not owned since 1/1/05

A tax - $18.48


George motioned to grant the abatement.Jack 2nd.Vote 3-0.


7.                  George motioned to set the town election date of 6/23/06, and town meeting

Date of 6/24/06.

Jack 2nd.Vote 3-0.


8.                  Reviewed letter from Gary Richardson, CEO to Peter Spencer of Waterman

Marine dated 1/19/06 regarding Halla pier permit application.


†††††† 9.††††††† Meeting adjourned @ 9:55pm.

























George D Richardson Jr.†††† ††††††††††Reggie Lee†††††††††† Jack Swanton