Present: George, Reggie, Jack


Citizens:  Ronald and Debra Harrison, Mona and Neil Greenleaf, Ben and Sandra Crehore, Gary Richardson and Alyson, Dennis Cromwell.


1.                  George called meeting to order at 718pm.

2.                  Warrant #29 for $21,397.67 was presented.  George moved to accept. Reggie 2nd.  Vote—unanimous.

3.                  The minutes of the Jan 11th meeting were reviewed.  Amendments were made to typographical errors in items 5 and 16.  George moved to approve as amended, Reggie 2nd.  Vote—unanimous.

4.                  The DMR sent a letter concerning Sandra Hopkin’s application for a 3 year Limited Purpose Aquaculture License at Squam Creek.  Comments concerning this application to them need to be received by the 25th.

5.                  A bill for $2,203.08 from Chris Neagle for work done in December 2005 has been received (10.6 hours at $200/hr).

6.                  David Bertran’s appointment for 1 year to the shellfish committee approved last week was signed.

7.                  A letter from Tidewater Consulting of Phippsburg, Maine has been received offering services relating to shoreland zoning issues to towns and private parties.

8.                  Ronald Harrison’s letter requesting that 24 tons of salt be purchased by the Town for the roads.  George asked why 70 tons has already been used.  Ronald responded that this winter has had more than it’s share of ice storms, and storms that had very wet snow.  George reported that Morton Salt would allow us to by 30 tons at $54/ton.  Reggie moved to approve.  Jack 2nd.  Vote—unanimous.


George gave Ronald a DEP application for a waiver for sand and/or salt storage facility.  After George calls the salt company in the morning telling them we approved the purchase of 30 tons of salt.  They will call Ronald Harrison to schedule delivery.

9.                  Albert Greenleaf asked that he be allowed to collect all the sand remaining on the Town Roads in the spring.  We decided to table any decisions until he can appear in person and explain further his plans.

10.              Waterman Marine of Harpswell inquired about building a pier on Jan Halla’s property, Map 5 Lot 7.7.  A state permit has been issued, but the application does not specify the distances to the property lines or whether the fixed pier extends over normal high water.  Action about this application will be tabled until this information is provided.  CEO Gary Richardson will contact the owner.

11.              George moved to adjourn at 850pm.  Reggie 2nd.  Vote—unanimous.





































George D Richardson Jr                                    Reggie Lee                       Jack Swanton