High Speed Broadband Internet Service from Fair Point on DSL

News Information from Broadband Committee


April 23, 2012


Joe Donohue reported to the Selectmen on April 23rd that the Fair Point Telecommunications Project to extend fiber optics cable down the Island was nearing completion.  This will allow for high speed broadband internet service to all residents on Westport Island.   The service was turned up at the West shore Remote Terminal cabinet as previously reported on March 14.  It then took a couple of weeks for the Fair Points database to be updated so that  when a customer called into the company, the Fair Point Service Representative would recognize that DSL was available for that telephone number.  

It was discovered in early April that additional minor wiring was needed so that the few residents living near the southern tip of the island would be able to receive DSL service.  The local Fair Point Engineer issued an authorization this past Friday which when completed shortly will allow those few customers on the south end to apply for and receive the service. 

Residents requesting DSL service should contact their Fair Point service representative at 866-984-2001 to schedule an appointment for service.  There is currently no installation charge for this service and the data speed provided may range from 750 kbs. to as high as 7.5 mbs.   Fair Point is currently offering a bundled package at a very low special rate which includes land line, Dish TV, and internet service.

Since the mission of the Broadband Committee is nearing completion we are requesting that after the committee submits our annual report to the town the committee be allowed to disband.   Please contact Joe Donohue at 882-6172 if you have any additional questions concerning broadband internet service.