OCTOBER 20, 2008




Board members:  Brenda Bonyun, Ross Norton

Citizens:              Judy Reeves, Dennis Dunbar, Ruth and John Nelson


Meeting Commenced:


1.       The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.


Business Conducted:


2.       Ross moved to approve warrant No. 16 for $20,844.15; Brenda, 2nd; vote: 2-0.

3.       Dennis Dunbar suggested we get an assistant for Jack Swanton to update the Westport Island webpage.

4.       Correspondence was reviewed.  We received a letter from DHS stating we are in compliance with the General Assistance statutes.

5.       Dennis Dunbar reported the windows at the town office have had interior storm windows installed.

6.       On Saturday, October 25th, at 3 p.m. there will be a public meeting on the school unit consolidation. Dennis suggested the B.O.S. take a stand on the issue.

7.       Tax maps are up to date on the computer and ready for some testing. The Tax Map Committee would like to demonstrate the program next Monday at 6:15 p.m. People’s last names will be listed on the program unless they fill out a form requesting their name be withheld.

8.       Ross moved to appoint Kyle DePietro to the Conservation Commission; Brenda, 2nd; vote: 2-0.

9.       Dennis and Bill deserve a letter of thanks for their hard work on the window insulation project. (Also, a thank you to the Tax Map Committee).

10.   Brenda moved to grant an abatement to Rum Cove, LLC with the amount to be determined at a later date; Ross, 2nd; vote: 2-0.

11.   Brenda moved to appoint Jim George as the deputy excise tax collector; Ross, 2nd; vote: 2-0.


Meeting Adjourned:


12.   Ross moved to adjourn at 7:36 p.m..; Brenda, 2nd; vote: 2-0.


Respectfully submitted,




Brenda J. Bonyun




Ross Norton