SEPTEMBER 14, 2009




Selectmen:  George D. Richardson, Jr., Gerald A. Bodmer and Ross Norton

Citizens: Brenda Bonyun, Bill Cooney, Sandra & Ben Crehore, Dick DeVries, Dennis Dunbar and

  Ruth & John Nelson

Guests:  Charlotte Boynton of Wiscasset Newspaper and Greg Foster of Lincoln County News


Meeting Commenced:


1.       George called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


Business Conducted:


2. George moved to approve Warrant No. 11 for $66,119.64; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


3. Jon Williams was invited to attend this selectmen’s meeting September 14) to discuss his concerns regarding the Ferry Landing grants and project.   Mr. Williams did not attend.


4. George motioned to grant Mark Mulhall an abatement for Map 1/Lot 55 for 2007, 2008 and 2009 for a total of $548.10 because the lot is unbuildable according to Land Use Ordinances.  Ross seconded the motion; vote: 3-0.


5. George motioned to appoint Jerry Bodmer to be an alternate to the MMA delegate vote; Ross, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


6. A big thanks goes out to the Ad Hoc Wright Property Committee, especially Dick DeVries and Art Ballard, for all the hard work the committee has done at the Ferry Landing.


7. George motioned to table the Wright Property Committee charter until the BOS and the committee can meet and discuss the charter; Jerry, 2nd; vote: 3-0.


Meeting Adjourned:


8. George moved to adjourn at 2:00 pm.; Jerry 2nd, vote 3-0


Respectively submitted,




George D. Richardson, Jr.                      Gerald A. Bodmer                     Ross Norton