FEBRUARY 7, 2007




Board members:  George D. Richardson, Jr., Brenda J. Bonyun and John B. Swanton


Citizens:  E. Davies Allan, Bill Cooney, Dennis Cromwell, Rhonda Cromwell, Dennis Dunbar, and

   Ruth Nelson


Guest:      Charlotte Boynton of Wiscasset Newspaper


Meeting Commenced:


1.  George called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  A quorum was present.


Business Conducted:


2.   Minutes for January 31, 2007 meeting were reviewed.  George moved to accept with a small typographical correction; Jack, 2nd; Vote: unanimous.


3.   Citizens issues: 


A.     Bill Cooney presented 3 bids to re-floor the balcony at the Town Hall:

1.       Eben Greenleaf - $2,282.00 (including sealing)

2.       Gary Richardson - $1,429.62

3.       D & D Builders - $975.00

Jack moved to award the bid to D & D Builders; Brenda, 2nd; Vote: 2-0-1 (George abstained for family reasons.)


Bill reported that he is having the state test the water.


B.     Dennis Dunbar asked if there as any report on the town LD-1 spending cap.  George said that he has not gotten to it yet.


4.   Other Business:


A.  Brenda moved to set a fee of $25.00 for a CD of our Commitment Book.  George seconded the motion; vote: unanimous.


B.   A letter from CMA Eugene Huskins concerning assessing questions from Nancy Boyce about her property at Map 2, Lot 70.1 was reviewed.  It will be forwarded on to her.


C.   Bob Mooney stopped in and reported that the exhaust system installed in the fire station works well.  Trucks can now be run for up to one-half hour safely inside the building.  He also reported that Dedee, Michelle and Susan all completed and passed the AED and CPR course, plus 2 firefighters.


D.  A letter from CMA Eugene Huskins addressing Paul Joyce’s assessing concerns was reviewed.  There is a fireplace that was omitted from their assessment.  George moved to send a supplemental bill for 2006.  Brenda seconded the motion; Vote: unanimous.


E.   In response to a question from the Compensation Committee as to what they should do, George moved to ask them to recommend salaries (including number of hours) of town officials in time for the next town meeting.  Brenda seconded the motion; Vote: unanimous.


      Jack moved to ask them to consider Dedee’s agent fee versus time spent on “Rapid Renewal” and suggest a more equitable method for paying for this work; George, 2nd; Vote: unanimous. 


F.   George moved to grant an abatement of $69,469 to Theodore and Elizabeth Graff for Map 5, Lot 75.1A due to a change in grade; Brenda, 2nd; Vote: unanimous.


G.   A letter was signed by the Board of Selectmen to the Board of Appeals informing them of the attorney that will be representing the town in the appeals of Paul Nergaard and Mike Stern. 


Letters were reviewed from the Board of Appeals to Mr. Nergaard, Mr. Stern and the Planning Board informing them of the action to table until additional information was available.


H.  An e-mail from David Ledew concerning the “common lot” of a Jeanette Brown subdivision was reviewed.


I.    A letter from CMA Eugene Huskins concerning a response to a Whitney/Axelrad letter of 2 January 2007 was reviewed.  It will be forwarded on to them.


J.       Warrant No. 32 for $4,516.78 was presented.  George moved to table the invoice for $1,170.00 for sand hauling until it could be checked against the maximum allowed limit of 2,300 CYD and approve the balance of $3,346.79.  Brenda seconded the motion; Vote: unanimous.


K.  A letter was reviewed from Ron Harrison giving permission for G&D Cromwell to transport the remaining town owned sand currently stored on their property to his facility on Post Office Road.  Dennis Cromwell pointed out that this could not be done at the moment, as the pile had frozen up in the extremely cold temperatures.  He then went on to say that Ron was welcome to come get the sand any time, and if Ron would transport it without cost to the town, they would load it for him at no cost to the town.  Brenda commented that this would be a wonderful way to resolve this issue with the current and previous snow plow contractors working together for the good of the town.


  Meeting Adjourned:


5.  George motioned to adjourn at 9:27 pm; Jack, 2nd; Vote unanimous.


     Respectfully submitted,




    George D. Richardson, Jr.                            Brenda J. Bonyun                                 John B. Swanton